Kramer Electronics VP-440 videokytkin HDMI/VGA Kramer 20-00056490 - 1

Kramer Electronics VP-440 videokytkin HDMI/VGA

HDMI/VGA, Musta, 1080p, 214,6 mm, 163 mm, 43,6 mm
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The VP-440 is a high-performance presentation scaler/switcher with four HDMI and two computer graphics (VGA) inputs. The unit scales the video, embeds the audio and outputs the signal to an HDMI output and an HDBaseT output simultaneously. The unit includes analog and embedded audio inputs and outputs.
  • PixPerfect Scaling Technology ? Kramer?s precision pixel mapping and high?quality scaling technology. High?quality 3:2 and 2:2 pull down de?interlacing and full up ? and down?scaling of all video input signals.
  • HDTV Compatible.
  • HDCP Compliant.
  • HDBaseT Certified.
  • System Range ? For the HDBT inputs and outputs, up to 70m (230ft).
  • Cables ? For optimum range and performance using HDBaseT, use Kramer's BC?UNIKat cable. Note that the transmission range depends on the signal resolution, source and display used. The distance using non?Kramer CAT 6 cable may not reach these ranges.
  • Max VGA Resolution ? 1920 x 1200 @60Hz.
  • Output Resolutions ? Up to UXGA/1080p output resolutions.
  • Multiple Aspect Ratio Selections ? Full, best fit, overscan, underscan, letter box and panscan.
  • Built?in ProcAmp ? Color, hue, sharpness, noise, contrast and brightness.
  • Color Sampling ? Supports 4:4:4 (RGB and YUV) as well as 4:2:2 (YUV) color sampling in native mode.
  • Constant Output Sync ? No output disruption while switching between inputs when no video is detected.
  • Powerful Audio Features ? Via DSP technology including audio equalization, mixing, delay, etc.
  • Auto Input Switching ? Last connected & auto?scan, selectable.
  • Audio ? Unbalanced stereo and embedded audio for HDMI/HDBT with individual input level controls.
  • Companion AFV (Audio?Follow?Video) ? Stereo audio for every input, on terminal blocks.
  • Microphone Input ? For mixing, switching or talk?over.
  • Dedicated RS?232 Port ? For bidirectional data tunneling via HDBaseT.
  • Front Panel Lockout.
  • Non?Volatile Memory ? Saves final settings.
  • Flexible Control Options ? Front panel buttons, Ethernet with built?in Web pages, OSD (on?screen display), RS?232, remote contact closure switches.
Pakkauksen leveys
351 mm
Pakkauksen syvyys
212 mm
Pakkauksen korkeus
72 mm
Pakkauksen paino
1,5 kg
Tuetut videomoodit
Tuotteen leveys
214,6 mm
Tuotteen syvyys
163 mm
1,1 kg
Tuotteen väri
HDMI-lähtöjen lukumäärä
Käyttölämpötila (T-T)
0 - 40 °C
Ääni sisään (V,O)
Videoportin tyyppi
RJ-45-portit ulos
VGA (D-Sub) sisään
Ääni ulos (V,O)
Tuotteen korkeus
43,6 mm
-40 - 70 °C
Käytön suhteellinen kosteus (H-H)
10 - 90%
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