TFA-Dostmann 98.1082.02 herätyskello Musta, Sininen Tfa-dostmann 98.1082.02 - 1

TFA-Dostmann 98.1082.02 herätyskello Musta, Sininen

Musta, Sininen, CR 2032, 160 x 60 x 84 mm
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The TIME BLOCK alarm clock by TFA is a real eye-catcher as a stylish decoration for living room and bedroom. Coloured squares show the time or the date in large digital LED-illuminated numbers. The brightness can be adjusted in three different levels. The wake-up alarm ensures that you get up in time. And if you don't get out of bed immediately, you can use the snooze function to wake you up again a few minutes later.


  • Large coloured LED-illuminated numbers
  • Display of time, date or alarm time
  • Wake up alarm, with snooze function
  • Three brightness levels adjustable

Technical data:

  • Quartz clock to put down
  • Material: plastic
  • Power supply: battery, PSU
  • Batteries: 1x CR2032 (included)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 162 x 61 x 58 mm
  • Weight: 280 g
Mitat (LxSxK)
160 x 60 x 84 mm
Tuotteen väri
Musta, Sininen
CR 2032
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    Paino ja mitat
    Mitat (LxSxK) 160 x 60 x 84 mm
    Akkutyyppi CR 2032
    Tuotteen väri Musta, Sininen

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